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Design and build bespoke eLearning just for you
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Implement translations to exisiting courseware and assets
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Review, edit and update your current content regularly or as a one off
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Upload to, transfer from or administer your learning management system
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Consult with you to find the optimum eLearning solutions to meet your goals
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Benefits of working with Foster & Forge


Foster a strong relationship with a company who understands your goals and forges groundbreaking eLearning solutions to help you achieve them.


We take your existing training content and work with you to design and develop it into an optimised format and style for eLearning.


Our expert team builds you a full package of eLearning that incorporates your company's visions and values.

What clients say

“We can always rely on Foster & Forge (previously UCPS) to deliver outstanding work! The team was amazing throughout the project and it really showed that quality was a key driver for them. 

They went above and beyond to reach the tight deadlines, which really showed us how committed they are. Would definitely work with them again!”

Brogan O.

eLearning is a broad term used to describe the process of learning through the use of digital content. This could be instructional videos, interactive courses or software simulations. Foster & Forge combines a suite of online tools, creating an education package that engages the learner as they interact with it. Providing enhanced eLearning outcomes across your business.

Our approach can also be used to create blended learning, combining your face to face training with online eLearning activities, where the online content is used to support face-to-face training. For example, asking the learner to watch online videos or complete a scenario online before attending face to face training. 

Effective eLearning is a powerful tool and offers a range of benefits over traditional training options, allowing for a global reach, with users learning simultaneously or at a time that suits them.

Most eLearning is compatible with mobile devices and the ability to track your learner’s progress using a Learning Management System (LMS).

navigatIng through a digital learning transformation?

We can steer you in the right direction.

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