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Building your eLearning Business Case


As a business, switching to eLearning may feel like a big step. It may be upending processes that have existed for years or even decades. Instead of seeming like a headache, this should be seen for what it is – a massive opportunity.

This is the chance to bin the old pamphlets, re-energise your education materials and invest in your intellectual capital. In a world where digital media consumption is growing ever more, it’s about time you stepped up and delivered what the people are crying out for.

eLearning provides a viable route to better education, more engaged staff and worthwhile training that benefits businesses more.


eLearning – the how, the why and the what

eLearning is the process of moving training, educational or instructional materials to a digital platform. It creates more attentive learners that benefit from content that is versatile, rewatchable and optimised for their specific needs.

With our help, businesses can create an internal encyclopedia of content that is instantly available for learners to view. The savings in both time and money can be massive, as well as gaining back hours in the day for your internal training providers.

A full-service learning solution isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity because of an increase in remote workers, accessibility compliance and a passion for career development in the new generation of employees.


Who benefits from a transition to eLearning?

There aren’t any losers during the transition to eLearning. Involving all stakeholders before you make the switch will allow for a deeper understanding within your organisation about exactly what you stand to gain. 

The overarching aim of eLearning is to provide better, more efficient training to your team. Finance will be looking at how it reduces costs, Operations will be looking to ensure compliance with legal rules and L&D will want to ensure training plans are maintained and optimised with your new system.

But ultimately, whilst your business stands to gain a great deal, your workforce is going to benefit the most. According to the Research Institute of America, eLearning enhances retention rates by 25% to 60%, but face-to-face training has far lower retention rates of only 8% to 10%. Giving learners more control over their education is imperative – and eLearning lets you do just that.


Why you shouldn’t create your content inhouse

It’s never as easy as you think. There are many factors to creating content that delivers what you need it to – and it’s not going to happen by luck.

When you’re representing your brand, your tone of voice will need to be consistent and keep in line with brand guidelines. This is not something that everyone within your team will be able to do – so it’s our job to create uniform content that fits your wider communications strategy. 

Using in-house experts who have done their job for thirty years may seem a good choice, however, they’re not the right people to be educating those who have just joined you. Your team are likely capable of explaining exactly how your processes work – but this content needs to be targeted at those who don’t have that experience.

An eLearning creator will be able to help you achieve the goals you desire from your content by working backwards. Your team aren’t educators or authors – but they are talented and know your business. We will glean the information required to create the content, before creating optimised, tailored content that is built for your target audience and utilises all the benefits digital eLearning has to offer.


Positive outcomes of well-made eLearning content

The right content will last a long time. By crafting digitally driven content, businesses can futureproof their training processes and save their teams time with training, onboarding and upskilling for years to come.

In a world where staff retention is so vital, you need to do everything possible to hold on to your people. Studies show that revenue generated per employee is 26% higher for companies that offer training using technology. This is thanks to more frequent training that offers career progression and higher employee engagement.

From a brand perspective, you’re embracing technology and moving forwards as a business. eLearning is here to stay and by converting and optimising your existing training regime now, you’re staying ahead of your competition. Adding and updating training modules or microcontent is easy – especially when you’re working with a team like Foster & Forge. The first step is the hardest – but also the most rewarding.


Why we’re the best people to work with

Foster & Forge helps you turn technical know-how into carefully authored and structured eLearning modules and courses that deliver L&D goals, upskill teams and allow you to measure outcomes including employee engagement, and in-house talent growth.

Creating robust, accessible eLearning content takes careful planning. Even if you’ve created courses before, scaling your content for different audiences and territories is a mammoth task.

Our end-to-end service delivered by an experienced team ensures your eLearning project runs smoothly and on budget ultimately delivering a high-quality end product that achieves your objectives. 

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