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England Golf

England Golf wants every new Club Volunteer In Golf to be able to access support





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England Golf are the governing body for amateur golf England and are dedicated to the growth and sustainability of the sport

Grow The Game

Introducing new golfers to the sport, helping to drive participation and club membership and spread the word that golf is accessible, fun and family friendly.

Support Clubs

Helping clubs be as strong as possible, ensuring that the sport is ready to face the future.

Organise Competitions

Competitions for individuals, teams, men, women, young and old; for all abilities and at venues across the country.

Develop Talent

Help the best amateur golfers to develop their potential to become world class professional players, like Justin Rose, Tommy Fleetwood, Charley Hull, Georgia Halland Melissa Reid.

The Challenge

Wanted eLearning

England Golf wanted our honest thoughts on the content and if it would work online?  

As the session wasn’t mandatory it needed to be valued and as interactive as possible for those who were use it. 

They were creating new workshops for informal golf club volunteers and wanted to include an eLearning version as part of the offer. 

They scoped out how they wanted the eLearning session to look and feel, before discussing the idea with a few agencies. 

Limited Experience

Having only created one other eLearning session at the time. They didn’t have much experience with eLearning and welcomed some creativity and ideas to bring it to life.

Replicate Ethos

The attended workshops were very interactive and encouraged attendees to discuss opportunities and develop their own ideas to grow in their clubs. Our challenge was to try and replicate this ethos in the eLearning session.

Needed To Be Valued

They were conscious that volunteers probably won’t want to spend more than 45 minutes on this at one time 

England Golf needed a blended learning solution. As it wasn’t viable to put on attended workshops across the whole country. 

The Solution


We were able to create an interactive eLearning session that engaged the user and encouraged them to think about their situation and tasks to bring out the solutions required at their particular club.

Vibrant and relaxed

The look and tone created for the session is vibrant and relaxed, which reflects where they want all golf clubs to get to.

Flows well

The session also flows really well and provides a diverse mix of avenues to get the user thinking and subtly impart the learning upon them.

Take a look

The course was created in Articulate Storyline and features a diverse mix of avenues to get the user thinking and features a vibrant and relaxed feel throughout. 

The Result

It’s still early days and therefore it will be a little while longer before England Golf can judge the impact of Golf Heroes project. However, the response so far has been great and people like the approach that England Golf have taken.

The course is one of a number of mechanisms England Golf are using to show that their values the work of volunteers.

England Golf want every new club volunteer in golf to be able to access support from England Golf and the Golf Heroes eLearning has ensured this is now reality.

The upshot of the eLearning course means that new golfers will also be getting a better experience in clubs, as volunteers will have the know how to provide a great welcome and supportive learning journey.

The response so far has been great and people like the approach that England Golf have taken. 


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