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How to improve your eLearning offering

Online Learning

Back in November, Donna discussed the pandemic’s impact on eLearning. Since the first lockdowns in 2020, eLearning takeup has increased faster than anyone could have anticipated. The pandemic resulted in a massive, and rapid, shift to online learning, which naturally would have likely taken years to happen organically. However, this quick implementation of online learning meant some companies did not consider essential eLearning factors. In essence, they were learning as they went and not always taking a joined-up, strategic approach.

For eLearning to deliver optimal results for businesses, there are critical points to consider whilst implementing an eLearning strategy.

Remain personable

One advantage of eLearning is that learning can occur at any time. However, for many people relationship building is still a crucial factor in effective learning. (We all have that one favourite teacher from school that sticks with us throughout our lives.)

There are many different learning styles, with students learning in different ways and at different paces. Whilst eLearning is excellent at accommodating all types of learners, there should still be a human element for the student. Using personalised training content for your users in the form of personalised videos, audio files or weekly tutor sessions, means learners experience the benefit of eLearning with the added human touch.

Make eLearning interactive and fun

Adding games into the eLearning package not only breaks the monotony of reading on screen text or watching videos but provides positive reinforcement to the learner.

Most people perform better with positive feedback. Interactive elements such as games or quizzes, allows learners to see how well they are doing and where improvement is needed. Much like having a tutor on hand in a classroom to answer questions, the game will provide the feedback users need to confirm they are on the right path.

Be mobile-friendly

We expect everything to be accessible on our phones or tablets in today’s day and age, including training content. The joy of eLearning is that you can access it where and when you want, so it makes sense to ensure your eLearning is mobile compatible. 

Let’s face it; we are often never far from our mobile phones. But for some people, the thought of loading up their old, slow laptop or desktop is enough to deter them from completing their eLearning whereas being mobile-friendly allows the learner to learn when, where, and how they want.

Be visual

When we are born, we start seeing images pretty quickly. It is not until later that we learn to talk and read. But, did you know 93% of all human communication is visual? Humans process images faster than text, which means that having images within your eLearning encourages faster learning.

A study found on discovered that the average participant retained only 10% of written material and 10-20% of information from a spoken lecture after three days. In contrast, the same participants retained approximately 65% of the information when visually presented.

To get the best from your learners and eLearning, don’t just use text to get your point across; incorporate graphs, charts, diagrams, images, maps and videos.

Learn from your eLearning

While this may seem like common sense, many people forget to ask for feedback at the end of the course!

Ask users questions like;

  • What stood out? 
  • What was particularly engaging or exciting? 
  • And what could be enhanced? 

It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process, but the answers will help you shape your next course based on what you know what works well and what doesn’t.

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