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Is your approach to training, learning & development turning your staff off?

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Employee training and staff development are essential for creating a happy and productive team for your business.

Good training resonates for a lifetime and great learning experiences make for a fulfilled and more efficient workforce. But poor training can be unmemorable and have a negative effect that goes beyond the time spent on the course, affecting staff morale and faith in the company.

Refreshing training content to become inspiring and motivating, can benefit the professional development and capabilities of individual team members as well as help with company efficiency and staff retention.

Recognising and avoiding the pitfalls of archaic training is the first step in reinvigorating your training strategy.

Outdated training tools

The era of PowerPoint presentations, training manuals, and safety videos is well behind us and they’re a sure-fire way to turn people off. It’s time to change things up in favour of dynamic and engaging materials. 

Whilst it may be tempting to reuse old content or opt for cheap and easy training resources, creating high-quality training materials is an investment in your staff and your business that will have longevity and positive returns.

Not being on-brand

Training should be an extension of the company brand and part of your communications strategy. Employees as the audience for training internally are just as important as external customers, and training materials should be on-brand, exciting, engaging, and dynamically designed.

Disengaging delivery and content

With audiences used to constantly seeing inspiring Instagram Reels, engaging YouTube shorts, and fun TikTok videos, high-quality content is a present-day expectation. We’re all mass consumers of digital content and the quality of training must reflect modern trends.

Training content should be engaging, motivating, inspiring, and fresh with employees fully invested in the experience and its outcomes.

Lack of substance

While the visuals of training are an important element for capturing the audience attention, the content of the training also needs to have substance that is in line with the company values and ethos.

Training should be, interactive, intuitive, inclusive, accessible, and fun!

Information overload

Training can often take the form of providing an overload of information rather than focusing on actions and what the end goals are. 

Tools like Action Mapping can be used to identify the goals and then reverse engineer them to work out what actions need to be taken in order to achieve their desired outcomes. The focus is on action rather than information.

Not being bespoke

People have different preferences when it comes to learning, and each role within a business is as individual as the person fulfilling it, so training can’t be a “one size fits all” solution.

By opting for training solutions like eLearning, content is versatile and can be tailored toward specific needs.

Get a fresh perspective

Although in-house knowledge of the business is unrivalled, it’s not always the best place from which to deliver training.

Outsourcing training can provide the perspective that employees and the business needs by looking through the eyes of someone externally, someone who specialises in helping businesses to achieve their goals through training.

Why we’re the best people to work with

Foster & Forge helps you turn technical know-how into carefully authored and structured eLearning modules and courses that deliver L&D goals, upskill teams and allow you to measure outcomes including employee engagement, and in-house talent growth.

Creating robust, accessible eLearning content takes careful planning. Even if you’ve created courses before, scaling your content for different audiences and territories is a mammoth task.

Our end-to-end service delivered by an experienced team ensures your eLearning project runs smoothly and on budget ultimately delivering a high-quality end product that achieves your objectives. 

Click here to schedule a call and discover how we can help you.

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