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Microlearning: Why it’s moving online


In a world becoming more digitally driven, we’re seeing even the smallest parts of our lives moving online. Companies are replacing instruction manuals with YouTube videos, using digital platforms as a source for microlearning. 

But why does this matter, and how could your business benefit from doing the same?

What exactly is microlearning?

Microlearning is a way of providing small, easily digestible bits of information to learners. It’s usually delivered in short bursts, through formats such as videos, infographics or articles. And because it’s designed to be consumed quickly and on the go, microlearning is perfect for the modern individual.

In a commercial setting, microlearning is often used to onboard customers with a new product or service, explain specific features or share best practices for their use.

Not only is microlearning an effective way of educating your customers, but it’s also popular with learners. Studies have shown that microlearning can lead to increased engagement and improved retention rates for businesses.

How is digital microlearning employed?

Microlearning is used for many different purposes, but it’s most commonly associated with providing short-form content to aid education about a specific subject.

YouTube is a great platform for digital microlearning because it’s easily accessible and users can watch videos at their own pace. You can also embed YouTube videos on your website or blog to make them even more accessible to your audience.

Another popular way to deliver microlearning is by creating digital courses that can be accessed by paying customers. Courses are often split into bitesize chunks that are easy to watch, rewatch and digest for the end-user. 

Why are companies choosing digital microlearning?

There are a number of reasons for this shift. Firstly, the internet provides a vast array of resources that can be used to create microlearning content. It has become much easier in the past decade to use the internet to develop and host content, with user-focused platforms such as Udemy and Kajabi bringing individuals directly in contact with experts.

We are consuming more content than ever before. It’s understandable that businesses want to play their part and provide digital content for their customers. They can also take this opportunity to provide better, more personalised support to their customers which in turn strengthens their brand. This microlearning content is often found as help or tutorial videos and online guides.

There are other factors at play too – both economic and environmental. Businesses aren’t required to create and distribute paper-based instructions or documentation. This reduces costs and creates opportunities for more environmentally friendly production processes.

What do your customers stand to gain?

The approach provides a better understanding of your product or service, which your customer can learn about at their own pace and convenience. Digital microcontent is available to view online whenever and wherever they are. No more holidays ruined by forgetting the instruction manual for your tent – you can simply visit the company’s website, search for your tent model and get your instructions directly to your mobile.

By utilising digital media platforms, you can also make content that may have once been boring become engaging and effective. It provides an opportunity to educate your customers without it feeling a chore for them.

How we can help you

We are specialists in eLearning and we’ve helped businesses create, inform and nurture their audiences online. Whatever content you’re looking to create, we help ensure it’s available for as many people as possible and is optimised to be as effective as it can be.

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