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Sparsholt College

Sparsholt College wanted to turn their dull, heavily text based course manuals into engaging online guides for students.





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Heritage spanning more than 100 years

Leading Provider

The College is one of the leading providers of courses for the land and environment in the UK, with a history spanning more than 100 years, offering undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, and a wide range of further education vocational courses.

Students Across the Globe

With an international reputation for attracting students from across the world to participate in the research, learning and practical preparation for global careers in equine fields, animal management, ecology, conservation and aquaculture.

Two Campuses

Sparsholt Campus is a beautiful rural campus in central Hampshire, on the outskirts of Winchester and the Andover Campus is situated in the picturesque market town of Andover, in the Test Valley.

A range of courses

Primarily countryside-based subjects; Agriculture, Engineering, Fishery Studies, Equine Studies, Forestry and Woodland Management, Game and Wildlife Management, Horticulture, Sport and Outdoor Education and Animal Management.

The Challenge

To turn the dull, heavily text-based course manuals into engaging online guides for students.

Students worldwide

Sparsholt have students’ studying all over the world that need to be able to access the learning while out in the environment, they are working in.

Large Course Manuals

The course manuals the students were using were: extremely dull and heavily text based learning guides and needed turning into engaging online guides.

Limited Budget

Budget constraints were an issue when it came to the development of eLearning. Communication was key during this project.


Expertise in Articulate Storyline was needed as Sparsholt’s in-house team had limited expertise and capacity to gain more knowledge quickly.

The Solution

Making the decision to work with us.

Working closely with the course lecturers to guide them in the best ways to go about breaking down the large courses manuals into manageable chunks for online learning and how best to present the information.

Cost Effective

We need to produce a cost-effective solution for Sparsholt. The best way was for us to present the text and pictures in a book format. This also matched the style that the college was already using.

Linear but informative

Simple but informative modules, the courses were linear and minimally interactive but made a huge improvement to dusty tomes’ students were previously presented with.

Designed a Template

We designed and developed a course template based upon the colleges branding guidelines and went on to build 22 eLearning modules for the Zoology course.

Take a look

Produced in Articulate Storyline to present the text and pictures in a book format and feel.

The Result

The students of the Zoology course were presented with learning materials that were simple yet informative and engaging and has been used by all students at ‘The National Zoo Academy’ to date. We very much welcomed the opportunity to further build our relationship with the college and this was a great opportunity for us to work together.  We have gone on to produce other courses for the college.


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