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Learn practical ways to support your child’s speech and language issues
benefit to taking on an apprentice

Benefits to taking on an apprentice

Remember that this apprentice, wants to be here! They will have a genuine interest in your industry and will have gone through your recruitment process and you would have chosen to take them on based on their credentials.

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who are ucps elearning

Who are UCPS eLearning?

We are an eLearning development resource.
We specialise in eLearning development. Our focus is custom eLearning. We primarily operate as a design and production house for other eLearning or training providers.

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how do we create elearning

How do we create eLearning?

Our eLearning development is tailored to your organisational needs and requirements to build on already existing training or help support your organisation to analyse and provide solutions to your learning and development needs.

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multimedia for elearning

Multimedia for eLearning

The tech-friendly world means we have access to a wide range of media tools. With the help of technology, eLearning can deliver accessible digital content and creates a learner-oriented environment.

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accessible elearning

Accessible eLearning

“Accessibility” is about making your content easy to use for everyone, from a person with a severe vision or hearing disability to a person who wears glasses to a person with a physical disability.

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More than elearning development

More than just eLearning development…

As well as being an outsourcing resource to your in-house development team and developing eLearning for business looking to put their training online. We also offer basic animations, graphics, recording and editing voiceover, implementing translations and recording and editing video for eLearning as an add on service or to complement your existing eLearning.

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